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Write a Letter of Torah

Imagine having your hand on the wrist that the soferet is using to scribe a letter on the parchment of NSCI’s very own Torah scroll. Imagine standing on the bimah and passing that Torah scroll from grandparent to parent to child. Imagine being called to read from that Torah scroll whose transformation we took, as a community, from blank parchment to final letter.

STEP ONE: Make a dedication gift.

Congregants making a contribution at any of the dedication levels will have the opportunity to hold the wrist or elbow of our scribe while she writes a letter in our Torah scroll. Letters will be written in the order in which they appear in the text. While you may be dedicating a particular letter, word, or passage, you will most likely not be scribing a letter included within your specific dedication.  Click here to make a dedication gift.


STEP TWO: Reserve your slot.

Once your dedication is complete, you will be sent instructions to reserve a time slot to write your letter with our soferet.  Available slots will be removed when filled. Please note, many new spaces will be added on an ongoing basis throughout the Torah project. We will send out an announcement whenever additional spaces have been added. 


Please note: Your time slot is for you and anyone who may be participating with you. Only the person making the contribution must sign up for the time slot. Please ensure that your entire group arrives on time for your confirmed time slot.


To make a contribution to Letter by Letter: The NSCI Torah Project, click here

Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784