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Adult B'nei Mitzvah

Please enjoy a few testimonials from some of our Adult B'nei Mitzvah Alumni:


“The Adult Bnei Mitzvah class at NSCI is the experience of a lifetime. It is a magical journey of learning, faith and friendship. This class gave me confidence and understanding to feel connected and a part of the service.”

- Lindsay Emalfarb, Adult B'nei Mitzvah class, 2021 


Adult B’nei Mitzvah is a meaningful journey of learning and community that takes place over two years and culminates in a group service of b’nei mitzvah. You’ll learn to read Hebrew, read Torah, deepen your learning, and explore your beliefs. And you’ll meet new people! Over 140 NSCI adults, ages 28–95, have gone on this life-changing journey. Now it’s your turn! To learn more, contact Rabbi Greene, who’s looking to start a new class autumn of 2024. 



Hear the moving personal reflections, divrei Torah, of our class of 2021. Additionally, check out this article, A pandemic journey to Torah, published in Forward, written by our very own Rabbi Lisa Greene.

Tom Victor




Stephanie Glazer Ettelson




Jodi Kahn




Lindsay Emalfarb




Julie Starkman Gordon




Deborah Shapiro




Ann DuBois




Alison Pearson




“Learn, laugh, grow  and enjoy at the Adult B’nei Mitzvah class. It made me feel complete. If you want to keep learning and growing , this is the class for you.”

- Alison Pearson, Adult B'nei Mitzvah class, 2021






“For me, the Adult B’nei Mitzvah experience was transformational. My knowledge and appreciation of Judaism has grown significantly; and I am now an active participant on Shabbat and holiday services, able to read the Hebrew, chant the prayers and appreciate the important meaning behind the rituals. Rabbi Greene and Judy Weiss were terrific teachers, and my classmates are now friends for life.”

- Julie Starkman Gordon, Adult B'nei Mitzvah class, 2021

Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyar 5784