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zviahel, ukraine


For twenty-nine years, NSCI has helped support a small dwindling and elderly Jewish community in Ukraine called Zviahel (formerly Novograd-Volynsky).



We have had periodic phone calls by Skype. A few of our congregants would gather at the temple and call our contact through a translator. We share news about our communities. But these calls are about so much more. It helps them realize they are not alone. It serves as a real connection with our Jewish brothers and sisters across the world.


We send packages as needed with items such as vitamins, Tylenol, bedding, or warm jackets. We also send tzedakah to help pay the rent on their two-room Jewish center where they gather as a community for holiday celebrations and hold services. NSCI has also provided Judaica items. In the past year, since Russia invaded Ukraine, NSCI has taken a larger and more active role. In the summer of 2022, we had a huge clothing drive and we were able to ship many boxes and needed funds to Zviahel. We also call bi-weekly now to maintain our close relationship and are so relieved that no one has been hurt in their small community of about 150 people. They report they often do not have running water, heat, or electricity but are grateful for their safety. We hope our friends are soon blessed with peace. 



Watch the weekly email for announcements that collections are taking place.

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