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Youth education


The Goodman Center for Jewish Education is a thriving learning community where each student is nurtured and embraced for who they are.


“My children have such a love for Sunday School, being Jewish, and for the building itself. When we arrive or just drive by, they feel such pride and love for NSCI.” —Goodman Center parent

In the last two school years, we welcomed 150 new families to our community. Why are so many families choosing the Goodman Center? Because we know education is a personal experience for each student. We take pride in tailoring education to the needs of each individual student while also bringing students into a thriving Jewish community where everyone belongs.

When asked to name the school’s greatest strength, here are the top answers parents shared:


  • sense of community
  • students feel connected
  • warm and welcoming environment
  • flexibility to meet students where they are
  • creativity and fun – students look forward to coming!
  • caring, accommodating, kind, and accessible staff, from teachers to education director to clergy
We can’t wait to welcome you to our community! Enrollment for the 2024–2025 school year is open now. Learn more and enroll today.

experiential jewish learning

We are a hands-on, experiential learning center tapping into students' interests, talents, and ways of learning in order to motivate and engage them in Jewish learning and living. We give students the choice of what, how, and when they learn. Led by Dr. Roberta Goodman, RJE, and her remarkable team of educators, we partner with parents and students in order to:


  • Empower young and old alike to become lifelong learners
  • Engage families to deepen their knowledge of Judaism – to study, pray, celebrate, and advance social justice
  • Connect students to one another, the congregation, the community, and the larger world
  • Relate to students’ lives with vibrancy, meaning, purpose, responsibility, and joy
“I have been blown away by the dedication of our amazing teachers! They have been above and beyond wonderful to my kids. We feel very lucky to be part of this community!” —Goodman Center parent

we embrace the whole family

We’re more than a religious school. We’re a community. Throughout the year, parents are invited to join in grade-level Shabbat services, holiday cooking events, and tikkun olam (volunteer activities to repair our world). Come see us in action and get a sense of our school, our culture, and the teachers and staff who make the Goodman Center for Jewish Education such a special place to learn and grow.


“We just love the community. There are lots of opportunities for engagement.” —Goodman Center parent


How We Reach and Teach Everyone

We are known locally for our comprehensive resources and ability to support students with learning challenges. We pride ourselves on meeting the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical learning needs of all students. Whether your child struggles with language or has identified special needs, we have dedicated staff to ensure everyone gets the most out of their religious education.

How are our classrooms different? Our Jewish studies classes are experiential, provide movement, and offer a variety of ways to learn. Some of our Hebrew classes, taught through music or the visual arts, tap into students’ talents and multiple intelligences in a deep and meaningful way. Many of our teachers have degrees in special education or experience working with children with special needs. Our high school Machoniks (teacher aides) under the guidance of teachers, provide additional support to children who need a friendly aide. From minor language struggles to identified special needs, your child will succeed with us.


individualized instruction

For those who need more individual attention, structure, a different pace, or a smaller learning environment, especially for Hebrew, we have the Canel Family Center for Individualized Instruction headed by Lynn Friend, a talented social worker and educator. Every child in the Center gets the specific help they need. For some, it is about building confidence, and for others it is about staying focused, processing, or other challenges. All students have their own learning plan. Some use the Center as needed to fill in gaps and gain confidence, while others spend more time with specific learning goals and rewards for accomplishments. There is no additional cost to enroll in Individualized Instruction. 


If you feel Individualized Instruction is appropriate for your child, please contact Dr. Roberta Goodman, Education Director. Students are only assigned to this class with the approval of the parent(s), the education director, and the teachers.

Contact Dr. Goodman

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784