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We are a hands-on, experiential learning center tapping into students' interests, talents, and ways of learning in order to motivate and engage them in Jewish learning and living. Because of that, we give students choice of what, how and when they learn. Across all of our students, we aim to:


  • Deepen knowledge and skills of Hebrew and Judaism
  • Strengthen positive Jewish identity and sense of self
  • Connect to peers, teachers, families and congregation
  • Inspire Jewish learning and living beyond the school

We embrace the whole family and invite them throughout the year to join in grade-level Shabbat services, holiday cooking events, and tikkun olam (volunteer activities to repair our world.) Come see us in action and gain a sense of our school, our culture, and the teachers and staff who make a world of difference.


We believe a Jewish education can be inspiring, enlightening, thought-provoking, powerful, and even fun. As a congregation, we are deeply committed to bringing forth the vibrancy of our faith, and we are reanimating and redefining Jewish education so that our children want to learn and grow here.


The Goodman Center for Jewish Education is a hub for teaching and learning through the most experiential ways for the youngest children to young adults. Not surprisingly, each year our religious and Hebrew education programs are sought by hundreds of families because we know education is a personal experience for each student. Together we embrace this opportunity to present Jewish culture, religion, and values in ways that will bring together students and their families, and spark lifelong learning and Jewish living. 
Led by Dr. Roberta Goodman, RJE and her remarkable team of educators, our educational programs are informed by four core beliefs:


  • 1 We believe that having choices leads to empowered Jewish learning and identity building.

    When children (and even adults) have choices in what, how, and when they learn, they are able to connect more deeply and meaningfully. Each student can then go forth and draw upon first-hand knowledge, thereby enriching their life experience. For example, we offer mid-week Hebrew class after school, with five different learning tracks for 5th and 6th graders, including immersive music and visual arts tracks. Our approaches are all rooted in the ancient, yet still contemporary notion that says: “Train up a child in the way they should go and even when they are old, they will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

  • 2 Our educational approach is to provide hands-on experiential and active learning.

    Our classes are filled with movement; students don’t sit in their chairs for too long. In Hebrew through Movement, an approach based on brain research, students act out Hebrew commands in novel combinations as they run, skip, stop, walk slowly, crawl under tables, and more, learning modern Hebrew language. It’s so much fun!  We utilize every inch of space in the building for learning, and outside too–mitzvah garden, rose garden, wooded areas, and playgrounds. Our 6th graders paint covers for the congregation’s High Holy Day food collection “Pod”, teach our younger students customs about Sukkot, collect holiday gifts, organize games for our Purim activities, and put out yellow flags to commemorate the Holocaust. We ensure teachers avoid lectures, instead, encouraging students to interpret and construct the meaning of customs, values, and concepts in their daily lives.


  • 3 We recognize that everyone learns differently; therefore, we teach in many different ways.

    At the Goodman Center for Jewish Education, we offer a variety of programs and educational opportunities designed to meet the needs of each unique child and their family. For example, 3rd and 4th graders are immersed in “Camp@NSCI” where their religious school education is mapped to an engaging framework modeled after the best summer camp experiences. More broadly, within each class, we tap each child’s interests, skills, talents and ways of learning so that they are motivated to learn. Further, for those students who learn best one-on-one or in small groups, we have staff dedicated to creating that environment to ensure their success.

  • 4 We believe that educational processes are dynamic.

    Our program evolves each year, and sometimes each week. Our educational approaches, curriculum, even our offerings are honed annually with input and insight from many fields of study. Each year The Goodman Center for Jewish Education presents young people with innovative and exciting ways to learn that are often unexpected, and frankly, just plain fun. Each year we solicit feedback and input from our educators, from our parent community, from our students and always with a focus on the best educational practices.



All along, we embrace the whole family. Our educational opportunities reach far beyond the traditional model of Sunday School or Hebrew education. We invite family participation in community programs that celebrate artistic, culinary, cultural, and religious aspects including:


  • Shabbat and holiday celebrations by grade
  • Parent, grandparent and child holiday cooking classes
  • Tikkun olam (volunteer opportunities on-site or in our community) 

There are many great opportunities for families throughout the year that integrate Judaic knowledge and insight as we inspire our young students to deepen their awareness of the significant role each person plays in our community. Come join in.
Learn more about our educational offerings for every age level here.

How We Reach and Teach Everyone

From minor language struggles to identified special needs, your child will succeed with us.

We embrace everyone. The Goodman Center prides itself on meeting the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical learning needs of all students. Whether your child struggles with language or has identified special needs, we have dedicated staff to ensure everyone gets the most out of their religious education.


How are our classrooms different? Our Jewish studies classes are experiential, provide movement, and a variety of ways to learn. Some of our Hebrew classes, taught through music or the visual arts, tap into students’ talents and multiple intelligences in a deep and meaningful way. Many of our teachers have degrees in special education or experience working with children with special needs. Our high school machoniks (teacher aides) under the guidance of teachers, provide additional support to children who need a friendly aide.


What if your child needs one on one attention? For those who need more individual attention, structure, a different pace, or a smaller learning environment, especially for Hebrew, we have the Canel Individualized Instruction Center headed by Lynn Friend, a talented social worker and educator. Every child in the Center gets the specific help they need. For some, it is about building confidence, and for others it is about staying focused, processing, or other challenges. All students have their own learning plan. Some use the Center as needed to fill in gaps and gain confidence, while others spend more time with specific learning goals and rewards for accomplishments.


If you feel Individualized Instruction is appropriate for your child, please contact Dr. Roberta Goodman, Education Director. Students are only assigned to this class with the approval of the parent(s), Education Director and the teachers.

Contact Dr. Goodman

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