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6:15 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service

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9:30-11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Minyan

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We invite you to join us for the many Jewish holidays throughout the year. We create the right environment taking into consideration music, accessibility and liturgy.


From lively Purim celebrations for the kids to unrolling the Torah for Simchat Torah for all of our congregants, we’d love to have you join us for the holidays.


Holidays form the circle of the Jewish year. While celebrating and observing with our community fills an important role, there is also an essential component which we can fulfill at home, especially for our children, for whom we set the example of Jewish worship.


We offer these holiday guides to help you participate and understand their importance. You will find resources for you and your family, as well as programs and events at NSCI closer to the time of each holiday. Enjoy.

High Holy Days

Rosh Hashanah 2022 begins the evening of Sunday, September 25

and ends the evening of Tuesday, September 27


Yom Kippur 2022 begins the evening of Tuesday, October 4

and ends the evening of Wednesday, October 5


NSCI hits a high note during the High Holy Days. Our building is abuzz with congregants of all ages from morning to night. We have many services from which to choose. Congregants and non-congregants are invited to our community services. 2022 information will be available soon.



At-Home Resources and Activities Book

Erev Rosh Hashanah Seder

Erev Rosh Hashanah Story

Shofar Lesson with Cantor Goldstein


For Kids:

The Rosh Hashanah Special with Bim Bam

Dip the Apple Song with Bim Bam

Getting Kids Ready for Yom Kippur: Really, Really Sorry: Learning Slicha with Bim Bam

High Holy Days at Home: A PJ Library Family Guide
Big List of High Holy Day Resources for Families with Young Children

Celebrating the High Holy Days as a Family

Talking to Your Kids about Yom Kippur

How to Ready Your Young Child for Yom Kippur



Sukkot and Shmini Atzeret


Sukkot 2022 begins the evening of Sunday, October 9

and ends in the evening of Sunday, October 16


Shemini Atzeret 2022 begins the evening of Sunday, October  16

and ends the evening of Tuesday, October 18


We celebrate Sukkot with traditional services on the first and last days at 9:15 am, as well as activities for children, families, and adults throughout the week. On the last day (Shmini Atzeret), we invite you either to our early morning Yizkor/memorial service at 7:30 am that proves meaningful and comforting year after year, or to our more traditional Shmini Atzeret service at 9:15 am which includes Torah, Haftarah, and Yizkor as well. On a more celebratory note, our annual Sukkah City Challenge is always a highlight. Come enjoy a lively lunch or dinner under the Sukkah.



How to Build a Sukkah

5 Sukkot Activities You Can Do with What You Have at Home

Sukkot, Diversity, and Unity: How Each of Us is Like the Four Species

How Can I Observe Sukkot If I Do Not Have A Sukkah?

The Saga of the Citron


For Kids:

Sukkot Family Activities

How to Shake the Lulav

Kid-Friendly Snacks for the Sukkah

Shalom Sesame: Avigail & Brosh Explain Hachnasat Orchim (Welcoming Guests into the Sukkah)


Simchat Torah


Simchat Torah 2022 begins the evening of Monday, October 17

and ends the evening of Tuesday, October 18


Our Simchat Torah Celebration begins with participation of children and adults of all ages as we unroll the Torah from end to beginning. Each year, we honor special groups in our community with the aliyot (blessings before and after Torah reading), as well as welcome our newest students into their formal Jewish education journey with a Consecration ceremony. We top off the celebration parading Torahs around the sanctuary, accompanied by lively music. 



Read More About Simchat Torah

The History of Simchat Torah

How Did Simchat Torah Get So Popular?


For Kids:

Make Edible Torah Treats

7 Fun Things to Do With Kids on Simchat Torah




Chanukah 2022 begins the evening of Sunday, December 18

and ends in the evening of Monday, December 26



Betty Greene's Latke Recipe (Rabbi Greene's mother)

Chanukah Blessings

Chanukah Customs & Rituals

Chanukah Recipes

Chanukah Story

Dreidel Game Instructions

Virtual Dreidel Game


For Kids:

PJ Library Chanukah Resources

The Chanukah Shaboom! Special with Bim Bam

Kid-Friendly Chanukah Story

Chanukah Hokey Pokey Song

Dreidel Song with Bim Bam

Family Activities





Purim 2022 begins the evening of Wednesday, March 16

and ends the evening of Thursday, March 17.


Purim is a joyous holiday celebrating the saving of the Jews from a threatened massacre during the Persian period (539-330 BCE).


Check back to find out what we’ve got planned for Purim. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!



NSCI Clergy and Staff Tell the Purim Story in this Animated Video

9 Things You Didn't Know About Purim

How to Make Perfect Hamentaschen + Recipe

Learn About Other Purim Food -- it's not all about Hamentaschen!

Test Your Knowledge with this Purim Quiz!

The Story of Purim

Quiz: What Kind of Hamentaschen Are You?


For Kids:

What is Purim? An Introduction to the Holiday with BimBam

Chag Purim (Hava Narisha RASH RASH RASH)

The Story of Purim Video from PJ Library
Mishenichnas Adar Sing-Along for Purim



Passover 2022 began the evening of Friday, April 15

and ended the evening of Friday, April 22 for those observing 7 days and Saturday, April 23 for those observing 8 days.


We celebrate Passover with traditional services on the first days at 9:30 am, and a Yizkor service on the seventh day at 9:30am as well.  Additionally, there are activities for children, families, and adults throughout the week. 



Dayenu Moments: NSCI’s 2021 Seder Supplement

Everything You Need to Host a Virtual Seder

How to Use Zoom

Downloadable Haggadot for Adults

Make Your Own Haggadah

PJ Library Haggadah to Download

A Refresher: The Four Questions

Tour Chicago, Passover Style


For Kids:

Downloadable Haggadah For Families

Extra Resources for Kids: ShaBoom: What’s Different About Tonight? With Bim Bam

Cute Coloring Book: Pesach, Pesach What Do You See

Frogs Here, Frogs There, Song with Bim Bam




Yom Ha'atzmaut 2022 began the evening of Thursday, May 5 and ended the evening of Friday, May 6.


Yom Ha'atzmaut is Israeli Indepencence Day, commemorating the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948. 



5 Israeli Foods to Try

How to Make Israeli Independence Day a Sacred Day

How to Talk to Kids About Israel

Read more about Yom Ha'atzmaut Customs


For Kids:

Learn About Israeli Independence Day with Bim Bam (for families)

Activities for Kids Ages 9+ on Israeli Independence Day

Activities for Younger Kids on Israeli Independence Day

Children's Books About Israel




Shavuot 2022 began the evening of Saturday, June 4

and ended the evening of Sunday, June 5.


Shavuot is known as the Feast of Weeks. It celebrates the early summer grain harvest and also gives thanks for the Torah that was handed to us at Mount Sinai. The holiday is normally celebrated by eating a festive dairy meal, all nighters studying the Book of Ruth, and going to synagogue to hear the 10 Commandments.


What is Shavuot? All About the Jewish Holiday for Torah and Learning

Tikkun Leil Shavuot Videos and Study Guides

Online Tikkun Leil Shavuot Communal Study Events

18 Delicious Recipes for Shavuot (Besides Cheesecake)


For Kids:

Celebrate Shavuot with Shalom Sesame
The Book of Ruth for Kids

What is Shavuot with Bim Bam

Mount Sinai Crafts for Kids (PJ Library)


Sun, October 2 2022 7 Tishrei 5783