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We invite you to find the right classes and opportunities for your child through our religious school. By matching your child’s interests with their education, you help us create the most impactful and memorable experience for them. Grade level classes provide essential learning opportunities which include more choice as your children get older (see below).


In addition, please visit our Calendar to see the complete list of events for the year listed by grade, which we specifically design for each grade and invite your family to attend as well.


All grade levels are open to our NSCI member families. In addition, we offer an opportunity for families who are not affiliated with NSCI. Our YFC membership is an option for new families where the oldest child is in Preschool-3rd grade. These families may enroll in school for one year at 1.6x the tuition rate and participate fully in all NSCI has to offer. We'll get to know one another over that year and, if NSCI is a good fit, you'll begin regular membership dues the following year. YFC tuition is available only for one year and YFC families are not eligible for scholarship funds.


Religious/Hebrew School Schedule for Classes
For class description, click on the class name.

To enroll in school, click in the upper right corner and log into your NSCI account or contact Jennifer McKeag for assistance:

Contact Jennifer


Grade Level Topic Class or Group Name Days/Times


Meets once a week

Jewish Studies Sunday 9:00-11:00am

K-2nd Grade

Meets once a week

Jewish Studies


3rd-4th Grade

Meets twice a week

Jewish Studies Sunday9:00-11:00am
  Hebrew Studies

Tuesday 4:15-6:15pm,
Wednesday 4:15-6:15pm, or Wednesday 4:14-5:45pm Online 

5th-6th Grade

Meets twice a week

Sunday Class

- Students choose one Hebrew class and also participate in Sunday Jewish Studies: Project Based Learning

Sunday 9:00-11:00am or 10:00-12:00pm


Weekday Class

- Students choose one Hebrew class and also participate in their grade level Jewish Studies class.

Tuesday 4:15-6:15pm, Wednesday 4:15-6:15pm, or Wednesday 4:15-5:45pm Online 


7th Grade

Meets once a week

Tuesday 7th grade class

Tuesday 4:15-6:15pm, some weeks in person and some weeks Online

  OPTIONAL Selah Sunday 10:00-11:00am
  OPTIONAL Jr. Machonik

Sunday 9:00-11:00am or Wednesdays 4:15-6:15 pm 

Note: Around 6-12 months before your B’nei Mitzvah date, you will add Private Tutoring which is scheduled based on your B’nei Mitzvah date. Questions? Contact Jennifer McKeag: 

Contact Jennifer

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