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Music & Prayer

Music, as Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel taught, provides the catalyst for connecting the disparate elements of the finely woven tapestry of (Kevah) the fixed words of liturgy–and (Kavanah) our deepest, truest intentions to reach and serve God. At North Shore Congregation Israel, we search for ways to fill Kevah with Kavanah. We explore the possibility that music can function in many ways including:


1) Praising God

2) Providing a deeper understanding of our sacred texts.

3) Resonating with our community 

4) Linking us to our history

5) Connecting us to our coreligionists around the world

6) Allowing us to explore the awesome nature of God

7) Creating moments of introspection 

8) Deepening our relationships within our families


Here at NSCI you will find music infused into every aspect of our community’s life. We invite you to join us on a sacred journey with music as our vehicle.


Click HERE to listen to an archive audio of Cantor Benjamin Landsman, NSCI's first cantor.


Upcoming Music Events

Post Kabbalat Shabbat Concert featuring Chicago Bassoon Trio
Friday, October 8, 2021 at 8:00pm in Perlman Sanctuary


Join us for a unique concert experience featuring Chicago Bassoon Trio's Elizabeth Heller, Susan Nigro, and Lynette Pralle and their performance of "Lite Reeding”.

The free concert and refreshments have been graciously sponsored by Jim Greenebaum in honor of Lilli’s special birthday (a year late)! A light supper will be provided to those who attend the Kabbalat Shabbat service, which begins at 6:15pm. 

Please click HERE to register.



Music Groups with Cantor Goldstein

Shir Chadash Rehearsal

Join Shir Chadash and meet friends who love to sing or play a musical instrument. Shir Chadash provides a rich harmony to enhance our worship experience and help create sacred moments during Shabbat, celebrations and commemorations! Our repertoire includes a variety of traditional and new genres. We also perform during concerts throughout the year, so come join Cantor Goldstein and Paul Vander Weele.


Holy Chanters

Learn to chant Torah & Haftarah through a practical knowledge of cantillation that will allow you to successfully chant. We will focus on Torah and Haftarah (time permitting). In order to keep your skills current you will become a part of a group that will offer your chanting of Torah for our Shabbat morning community.


Jewish Jammers with Cantor Goldstein


Mondays, July 12 and July 26 at 7-8:30pm in Crown Hall

Gather together with Cantor Goldstein for an in-person, socially-distanced jam session at NSCI! Bring your guitar, bass, harmonica, or other instrument and a piece of music to play with the group (we'll provide the drums). Masks must be worn at all times while inside the synagogue. This program is only for musicians; there will be no audience. Only open to current NSCI congregants. Email Sarah to register:

Contact Sarah

Wed, September 22 2021 16 Tishrei 5782