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Ruthie & Bill Katz Archives

Welcome to the Ruthie and Bill Katz Archives page. Our mission is to preserve NSCI's history, provide access and promote education, all while documenting today for future generations. We invite you to read our articles and learn about the history of NSCI. 

About Us
Click here to learn how the Archives fulfills its mission to preserve NSCI's history, provide access and promote education, all while documenting today for future generations. 

History of NSCI
Read A Brief History of NSCI to learn about NSCI's founding in 1920 until current time.  


Architectural Record 1983
Read the published Architectural Record showcasing the creation of the Perlmann Sanctuary.


Our Early Senior Rabbis

NSCI has been fortunate, in its 100 years of existence, to have consistently had well-educated, and intellectually curious rabbis. Click here to read an article that covers our senior rabbis from our foundation through 1947.

Supporting articles:

"Your membership at NSCI can make a difference in others lives." (Merle Branner)

"A Look Back in History from the Ruthie & Bill Katz Archives: Rabbi Mischkind" (Merle Branner & Ellen Katz Block)

"A Look Back in History from the Ruthie & Bill Katz Archives: Rabbi Hirsch" (Ellen Katz Block)


In the same vein, click here to read about Rabbi Edgar E. Siskin, Head Rabbi at NSCI 1947-1972.

Click here for the supporting article, "The Road to Glencoe."


Then, click here to read about Rabbi Herbert Bronstein (currently Senior Scholar), Head Rabbi at NSCI 1972-1997.


Finally, click here to read about Rabbi Steven S. Mason, Senior Rabbi 1997-2014 and our current Rabbi Emeritus.


A Look Back in the 100 Years of North Shore Congregation Israel: The War Effort

NSCI is now in its 100th year. Click here to learn about our congregational involvement in World War II.


North Shore Forum Lectures

NSCI has a long history of providing cultural enrichment through lecture series. Click here to learn about some of the most fascinating lectures that have taken place at NSCI.


The History of WNSCI with Merle Branner

On April 14th, 2021, The Ruthie & Bill Katz Archives Archivist, Merle Branner, presented the History of Sisterhood/Women of NSCI from the founding in 1925 up to the present day and the impact the organization has had on NSCI and the North Shore community. Click here to view the recording and enter the password " G6kA6^vE ".

The Ruthie and Bill Katz Articles 
In 2018, the Archives created "Our Immigration Stories," which shares the journey of a NSCI congregant who immigrated to the United States. Click below to read our recent articles.

Fortunee Massuda 

Edgar Rose 
Arvey Wolke
Ruth Herzog 
Inge Rothschild
Lilli Greenebaum
Ralph Samuel 

Lore Kirchheimer


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