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Understanding antisemitism

Resources for Navigating, Understanding, and Talking about Antisemitism

Often referred to as the longest hatred, antisemitism is insidious, and sadly, not only present but increasing in our country and in our world. Antisemitism is not the reserve of a singular political side, and it is not a zero-sum game.  With rates of antisemitic incidences increasing dramatically year over year since 2017, the Jewish community and anyone who cares has cause for alarm.  We encourage you to use this page as a resource to learn about antisemitism in all its forms and to find tools to empower yourself and your spheres of influence around issues of antisemitism. 


Looking to learn more about the Holocaust? Check out our page Remembering the Holocaust here and find links to our videos of survivor testimonies and past Holocaust remembrance programs, as well as links to Holocaust education and museum resources.


  Community Conversations



  • Antisemitism Here and Now by Deborah Lipstadt
  • How to Fight Anti-Semitism by Bari Weiss
  • Antisemitism in America by Leonard Dinnerstein

For a more comprehensive list, click here.


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