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Donate to Letter by Letter: The NSCI Torah Project



Not only will your donation help pay for the expense of writing a new Torah, but this is our annual “Spring Event” fundraiser, contributing important revenue to our daily operations. In addition, we hope to raise sufficient funds to ensure we can repair and properly maintain each of our Torahs and other sacred ritual objects for years to come. If we are fortunate enough to reach these fundraising goals, any additional funds contributed will be allocated to NSCI’s Endowment Fund–our single most important financial avenue for ensuring that our legacy continues for generations. 


Dedications are available at the following levels. Once you select your dedication level on the form below, a list of examples from which to choose (e.g. specific stories, holidays, prayers) will appear. To explore Torah topics of interest visit this resource, and then come back to this page to choose your dedication. 


  • Writing of the Torah: $54,000* (may be dedicated only once). Sponsor the congregation's engagement with world-renowned scribe Linda Coppleson as she not only helps us write our Torah, but also teaches about the art and skill of the Sofer while including congregants in the process. Linda is dedicating 18 months to the writing of our Torah and will make several trips to NSCI during that time. 
  • Book of the Torah: $18,000* (each book may be dedicated only once)
    • Genesis CLAIMED
    • Exodus CLAIMED
    • Leviticus – Considered "the Heart of the Torah." Contains "Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself." 
    • Numbers CLAIMED
    • Deuteronomy CLAIMED
  • Special Selections: $15,000* (Song of the Sea, the Shema, V'ahavta, the Holiness Code, the First Jewish Calendar)
  • Parashah: $10,000
  • Holiday: $7,500  If you select this dedication level below, a drop down with a list of holidays from which to choose will appear.
  • Notable Story: $5,400  If you select this dedication level below, a drop down with a list of stories from which to choose will appear.
  • Song or Prayer: $3,600  If you select this dedication level below, a drop down with a list of songs/prayers from which to choose will appear.
  • Biblical Name: $1,800  
  • Verse: $900  
  • Word: $360  
  • Letter: $36  
  • Breast Plate, Rimonim, Yad: $30,000*  CLAIMED (may be dedicated only once)
  • Parchment, Ink, Quills & Atzei Chaim: $15,000* CLAIMED (may be dedicated only once)
  • Other Donations: Donate at a level most meaningful to you. If you would like to contribute an "other" amount, please reach out to Todd Braman by calling the NSCI office at 847.835.0724.

With your sponsorship of the Torah Project at $36.00 and above, you have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to hold the wrist or shoulder of the soferet as she helps us fulfill the 613th commandment—the writing of a Torah. Each contribution also includes a special certificate commemorating your dedication. Instructions to reserve your time to write a letter will be included in your receipt of contribution.

Sponsor levels indicated with* will have the donors' names embroidered into the inside fabric of the Torah mantle (cover). This donation level includes a special dinner with soferet Linda Coppleson during one of her visits. Ask her anything you ever wanted to know about the work of scribing a Torah!

If you are an NSCI congregant, please log into your account before completing this form. Additionally, enter your name in the text box above and select your name from the drop down as this will pre-populate many of the general fields below.

North Shore Congregation Israel invites you to participate in Letter by Letter: The NSCI Torah Project. If you have any questions, contact Todd Braman, Executive Director, at 847.835.0724 or click
to write an email.
(i.e. Jane & John Doe, Jane Doe & John Smith, or as Anonymous)

Please select the contribution level that you would like to participate at from the drop down above. 
To explore Torah topics of interest visit this resource, and then come back to this page to choose your dedication. 

Please select "in honor of" or "in memory of" from the drop down above.

If you would like to make your contribution by check, through a donor advised fund, with stocks/bonds, or through an E-Check/ACH, select "Bill to My Account" on the next page. To "Bill to My Account," you must be logged in before submission and your name must be entered in the "Enter a Name" field at the top of the form. Please ensure payments are received by NSCI prior to June 15, 2024. 
Please note that credit card gifts $5,000 and above incur a 3% processing fee.


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