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Make a difference in ukraine

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Our fundraising goal for tzedakah to our sister synagogue in Novograd-Volynsky, Ukraine, has been met for the time being (See below for more information about this long-standing partnership).


Please consider supporting other organizations who are mobilizing humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine and at its border: 




"As a community we join in dismay and profound concern for the Ukrainian people as they navigate incredible uncertainty and fear for their safety and security as a result of the Russian invasion and we link ourselves with all other peace-loving people and nations to decry Russia's blatant act of war, this violence that has already taken innocent life and will undoubtedly result in the senseless killing of countless others no less the displacement of thousands upon thousands upon thousands of those who call Ukraine their home."

– Rabbi Wendi Geffen, Feb. 25, 2022



"I soak up news and information, give tzedakah and I reach out to those I know who have friends and family [in Ukraine] to see if I can be helpful, feeling helpless even as I do. And I know that even if we don't know people, the faces could well be a blur. For me, this walk down a sunflower-lined memory lane has given faces to people I'm not actually sure where they are anymore but I've become determined to start looking. For some of us here at NSCI, there are names and faces. We have a long, long partnership with a city with a Jewish community in Novograd-Volynsky and we've been in touch with them. Cecile Levy forwarded us an email--she's been in touch with the leader of the community."

– Rabbi Lisa S. Greene, March 4, 2022


Read more on our relationship with Novograd-Volynnsky Jewish community below.




After the collapse of the Soviet Union, NSCI joined an effort to offer material and moral support to Jewish communities in the USSR’s successor states. In 1993 NSCI began a partnership with the Jewish community of Novograd-Volynsky, Ukraine, which continues to this day. 


"After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Chicago Action for Soviet Jewry (which does not exist anymore) started a program to match synagogues with towns in the former Soviet Union. About 50 synagogues were involved from all over the country. Our town, Novograd-Volynsky, is 137 miles west and a little south of Kyiv and has about 30 active Jewish members. The town was selected by Rabbi Bronstein because his family was from that area. I have been engaged with them since our first phone call in December 1993, when Rabbi Bronstein asked me to oversee the project.


It has been very meaningful to me personally because we have a relationship with this Jewish community which is so grateful for our support and caring. We have sent them boxes of clothing, household items, CD’s and ritual items all donated by members of our congregation. We have provided funds for Jewish holiday celebrations, food, medicine, utility bills at their community center, and visits to mass graves from WWII. Before COVID-19, our committee made group phone calls via Skype several times a year. Since the war started in Ukraine, our translator has been in touch with our contact person there every day." – Cecile Levy



Mon, August 15 2022 18 Av 5782